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   SAN MARCOS (May 20, 2013) – The Palomar College Television (PCTV) and Radio and Television (RTV) programs are finishing out the school year with an impressive list of nominations and awards.

The Pacific Southwest Emmy nominations, announced recently, include five nominations for PCTV productions and seven for RTV productions. In addition, a documentary about endangered sea otters produced by Palomar College Television (PCTV) was nominated for Best Documentary at the Fallbrook Film Festival and accepted to the American Documentary Film Festival. Also, students associated with the Palomar College radio station KKSM earned four Communicator Awards from the International Academy of Visual Arts.

The PCTV Emmy nominations are as follows:

The documentary, The Controversial Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter, was nominated in five categories: Documentary – Topical; Director – Post-Production, Bill Wisneski; Editor (No time limit) Program, Mona Witherington and Kevin O’Hara; Writer – Program (Non-News), Bill Wisneski; and Audio, Luke Bisagna.

Assistant Professor of Life Science Lesley Blankenship-Williams commented on the PCTV documentary, which was created for her online Marine Mammals course. “Bill Wisneski and the Palomar College TV Center have done an extraordinary job accurately conveying the complex challenges that continually threaten our coast’s sensitive California sea otter population. This documentary is the cornerstone to Palomar’s Biology of Marine Mammals curriculum; students learn how human populations and the unique biology of marine mammals both shape and constrain the controversial conservation efforts to save this adorable species. Given the complexity of the topic, I am astonished by the depth of content and enrichment students absorb from this expertly produced documentary.”


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